National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson on IRS Budget Cuts

January 19, 2015



IRS’s diminished service expectations for FY 2015 are as follows:

  1. The IRS is unlikely to answer even half the telephone calls it receives, and levels of service may average as low as 43%.
  2. Taxpayers who manage to get through are expected to wait on hold for 30 minutes on average and considerably longer at peak times.
  3. The IRS will answer far fewer tax-law questions than in past years. During the upcoming filing season, it will not answer any tax-law questions except “basic” ones. After the filing season, it will not answer any tax-law questions at all, leaving the roughly 15 million taxpayers who file later in the year unable to get answers to their questions by calling or visiting IRS offices.
  4. Tax return preparation assistance has been eliminated.

Clearly, the value that a tax expert adds this year is even higher than it has been in the past. Taxpayers will have a very difficult time reaching the agency.

(the above was reprinted from an article addressed in the National Association of Enrolled Agents member newsletter)

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