Florida Business Compliance Posters

June 18, 2011

Every so often we will get a call from a client telling us they have just received a notice in the mail requesting a certain amount of money for posters to be displayed at their location as required by the State of Florida.

These posters can reference discrimination, unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, minimum wage, child labor law and a host of others.

While it is true Florida  & Federal Labor Laws require these notices to be current and posted, you do NOT and should not pay for these notices.

Simply contacting the agency (and in some cases they can be downloaded from the website) and requesting the poster which applies to you, they will send it to you FREE of charge.

Please check www.floridajobs.org, www.osha.gov, www.dol.gov and type “posters” in your search. These are not all the sites but Iam simply showing you where to get started.