Is IRS Auditing QuickBooks?

November 2, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service recently acquired 1,200 QB licenses in 2010 and will utilize the program to conduct field audits of taxpayers who use the QB program.

Internal Revenue Service employees completed their training on use of the QB program the last week of September, 2010.

Please be aware that your QB back-up files are required to be produced if requested by an IRS Agent.

Just another reason not to throw caution to the wind if you receive that dreaded IRS notice for any type of inquiry.

Your accounting should be handled by a professional accounting firm.  ALL IRS responses should be handled by an experienced Enrolled Agent.

There are many “behind-the-scenes” events that Taxpayers simply are not aware of which can costs thousands  of dollars in additional tax, interest or penalties if IRS notices are not responded to promptly and accurately.